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Genuine RealDoll - High-Quality Sex Doll

Genuine RealDoll - High-Quality Sex Doll.'_'.1
Genuine RealDoll - High-Quality Sex Doll.'_'.1 Genuine RealDoll - High-Quality Sex Doll.'_'.2 Genuine RealDoll - High-Quality Sex Doll.'_'.3 Genuine RealDoll - High-Quality Sex Doll.'_'.4

For sale is an official custom ReaDoll from Abyss creations. This is the highest quality doll on the market, imported to Australia and ready to pick up.

It has been barely used, and thoroughly cleaned, and is still in excellent shape. The doll has been cared for and maintained, and the only issue is some minor wear to the eyelashes. The doll was almost exclusively used for company and photos.

Asking price: $4,000, local pick-up preferred. 

More photos can be provided if requested.

The doll is in almost perfect shape, and is only being sold as the owner is in a relationship and has a family.

The doll comes with the following:
-Full metal stand
-Cleaning equipment (everything the doll came with plus additional purchased equipment)
-Original instructions
-Various clothing (including skirts, shirts, underwear, pants, and socks)
-2 Different wigs (one which came with the doll and one purchased separately)

Height 4'10
Chest 32C
Waist 22"
Hip 32"

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Location : Canberra, Australian Capital Territory

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